A Crimson Thread is the eternal story of passion and desire. The story of pursuit and sacrifice, the story of a cosmic drama with us at the centre. It is a story that calls us to wake up and become who we were created to be in order to transform our lives, our world and our future.

God is calling you in every experience of life. His whisper is his invitation to come and embrace the fullness and depth of his grace. Every moment you breathe offers the promise of intimacy with infinite possibilities. It is an invitation to enter into God’s New Creation and live in the wonders of eternity.

God is the infinite glory, the designer and artist of all creation, the One that is the substance and value of everything. All that exists has been created by love, in love and for love.

The closer we get to experiencing the pure unconditional and unadulterated love of the Father, the closer we get to live in the delight we were created for.

A Crimson Thread is a place where you can explore the delight and desire of God to have an intimate experience of His love.


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