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The Open Door of Value – #1 – The Valuation of Ourselves

Key Scripture –Yet what honour you have given to men, created only a little lower than God, crowned like kings and queens with glory and magnificence. “- Psalm 8:5

Key Thought – “The transformation of our hearts and lives into a new life in God is rooted in the question, “How does my creator value me?”.”

The moment of our very first breath in this fragile world our earthly drama starts. So consuming is this amazing masterpiece called ‘My Life’ that we are quickly drawn into every action, every thought, every sense and in the maelstrom of every moment we quickly lose all sense of the innocence and wonder that was planted into our hearts. It is not long before we come to the place where the world around us takes over us and we lose the value of who we were created to be.

It is here far away from the truth of the value of our creation that we search for a place of security. And so we hide in the fortress of our own achievements, the value of our existence is summed up by how we measure our success, how much power we hold, how happy we feel inside. And if this value of our lives wasn’t complete we look around and compare ourselves to others, we weigh up our weaknesses, we equate our failures and we try to reason out why we are unhappy. Owning ourselves and equating it to the world gives us value that we can compare to everything around us.

And if this valuation of us is not to our liking, we can start all over again and create a new definition of ourselves. It is here in this valuation of ourselves that we make a fundamental error, when we value ourselves by what have, do, think or feel. In other words, we have valued our existence rooted in the earthy reality of all we see, feel, hear, touch and smell.

The transformation of our hearts and lives into a new life in God is rooted in the question, “How does my creator value me?” This question has the power to make us redefine our perspective of life and propel us to open up and walk through the open door of value and into the chamber of God’s desire to love us and delight in knowing him an intimacy beyond our wildest imagination.  And in doing this we align ourselves to His image of us, to His thoughts about us and to His imprint becoming the valuation of our lives.

The realisation of all He has created us to be, brings with it the freedom to be ourselves and live with confidence that we are valued and loved with God’s everlasting love.


Awakening to Love – #13 – The Mystery Revealed

Key Scripture  – “God willed to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of Glory.” – Colossians 1:27

Key Thought  – “The unconditional love of God revealed in the truth of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can really heal the world “

Many people equate the journey to awaken their hearts with changing. It is as if we need to add something to our lives to make us fulfilled. And this changing is never complete, like an old house that needs renovation, we see ourselves as a work in progress, which needs constant attention and when if we don’t maintain it we are convinced it will start to deteriorate and eventual fall into ruin. But true awakening is not in a process, but a new life founded and established in your heart by Jesus Christ.

The earthly reality has tried to convince us that to be spiritual we have to do spiritual things. The point we so often miss is that turning out thoughts onto doing things like prayer, fasting and confessions cannot transform our heart. Spiritual performance pervades modern thinking and brings our innermost being into self-effort that eventually opens up avenues of condemnation.

Paul the Apostle describes this heart transformation as a mystery, which was hidden from past ages and generations but has finally been revealed and has been manifested to all who are willing to believe, He describes this in his letter to the Colossians, “God willed to make known what is the riches of the glory of this mystery among the Gentiles, which is Christ in you, the hope of Glory.”

God the source of all things, the fountain of all knowledge and the creator of the spiritual realm, enlightens the universe with his desire and will to share his divine plan with everything and everyone. It is here in the heart of God that gives to us his eternal intention which exposes our hearts personal development and seems almost too good to be true.

The thing is, however many Bible verses you might know or devotionals that you might read, unless you receive the truth of this mystery, given in unconditional love, you will be just fooling yourself. So often, searching in other places only creates a deeper sense of separation. For example, many, many times I have started with read the bible in one-year devotional study.  This spiritual discipline seemed just what i needed, I started off happy reading my ‘4’ verses a day. I took every opportunity to make sure I kept on track. But the pressures of work and family encroached on my life, so the bible reading began to slip. The days and weeks passed by and I found myself further and further behind and I eventually I gave up as and I was greeted by a wave of condemnation that became an increasing judgement that made me doubt my salvation and made me feel unloved by the God who gave me unconditional love.

It was clear to me that I thought of God’s love towards me based upon my performance to please him. Behind a spiritual facade, was a heart that wanted to please but didn’t know how to please.

Not only had a placed my performance on a pedestal; but I had placed Gods love to me in the gutter. Unfortunately, I was left stranded on an island that I had created.

It took the grace of God to penetrate the wall of condemnation by jumping from a place of doing to a place of embracing the mystery. Only by diving deep into the mystery of Christ was the spell of separation broken. Only by embracing the truth of God revealed in Christ was my heart transformed. It doesn’t matter whether you are sat under a vaulted ceiling of a magnificent cathedral or stand waiting in the hustle and bustle of a supermarket checkout line, every circumstance provides the opportunity to awaken ourselves to the eternal realty.

The journey of the mystery of God alive inside is found in Christ. So often we look to God to fix the world before we realise that Christ alive inside our hearts, is the hope of glory. We believe that praying for God to do something will make the world a better place. But the truth is that God has already done something, He answered our prayers by sending Christ to become the answer. No amount of effort on our part will make God move, because he has already moved in Christ. If you have not embraced Christ, then how can you fully embrace the unconditional love of God? The unconditional love of God revealed in the truth of Jesus Christ is the only thing that can really heal the world, not more self-effort or more determination to make right triumph over wrong. If you truly being to experience the radiating glory of God, you will find that it begins to make you complete and whole.

God has given the gift of Christ and this gift is now revealed in us. It is Christ in us that makes us rich, it is Christ in us that gives us glory, and it is Christ in us the wonderful gift given freely, Christ is the gift given on God’s initiative from his heart of love and kindness towards us. If you believe God doesn’t love you, you will behave in ways that are unloving towards yourself and so you will experience the world as an unloving place. If you If you believe that God is angry and vengeful, you will always try to get it right so that you protect yourself from his wrath and you will experience life as a punishing place. Your core beliefs, about yourself, others, the world, life and God create your reality. And humanities collective beliefs create the reality we live in. Today’s world is dominated by what we imagine of ourselves, what we create, and what we project. The divisions and barriers we encounter in the world are simply a reflection of the disconnection within our hearts.

Only by turning to the fulfilment of God’s plan for us can our hearts be transformed. And the key to this transformation is the grace of God given to us in Christ is a heart of love in communion and in perfect harmony with him. Our heart needs a revolution that is birthed in deep and intimate relationship that can radiate to light the darkness that surrounds us. When each of us unpacks and receives the gift that God has given to us in Christ.

Awakening to Love – #3 – An Ocean Of Love

Key Scripture – “For in Him we live and move and exist” – Acts 17 : 27.

Key Thought – “Choosing Christ is choosing love over fear in every moment and every circumstance and this transforms us from a consciousness of darkness to a consciousness of light.”

How we view God is crucial to what kind of world we live in. The transformation that we need has already happened in the sacrifice of Jesus Christ. His once and forever death two thousand years ago has opened up heaven and brought the divine into everyday life. His call to us is to come and receive new life, to let heaven dwell in our hearts.

For God no longer lives far away up in the clouds, waiting till we arrive at Heaven’s door before he reveals himself, He is found in the heart of every believer who believes and receives him. God resides in his New Creation.  God resides in every action, every thought, every feeling and every breath of every believer.

Recognising that we are now New Creations in Christ is the truth that animates each moment and brings heaven down to earth.  It heals the feeling of separation in our hearts and heals the oppression of our suffering.

It is from this place of knowing and experiencing the life of Christ alive inside that we can begin to see God at work in everyone and in everything. Slowly this realisation of our new life dispels fear, frees us from our struggle and disperses guilt. Here in a New Creation life we are free to express our new unlimited life and be empowered to manifest our Christ given potential.  For, in him we are filled with the majestic beauty of creation and overflow with the joy of a celebrating Father.

Every detail of life – from the mundane to the wonderful – is an opportunity for you to receive all that Christ has provided for you. Everything we need has been given to us in a rainbow-coloured unconditional love that reaches out into the conflict of our world and lays down its life in peace. It is this love that cherishes our every breath and brings healing and restoration to our body and soul. It is a love that invites us to give instead of taking and it is love that ignites desire and puts to death self-reliance. It is a love that has a passion to change and cries out with a response for action. It is a love that says you are valuable and that you are accepted.  It is a love that says it died for you to bring you new life.

It is a love that shows us that truth is found in sacrifice, that to know truth is to know Christ. This truth speaks into the depths of our innermost feelings and expresses the heart of God and it gives us the courage to drop pretences in order to reveal the tenderness of an open heart.

The truth found in Christ bridges the gap of our humanness and gives us the perfection of our heavenly father.

The whisper of God to each of us is to dive into love even when fear screams at us to run and hide, to open up our hearts into the midst of chaos and encroaching darkness.  This whisper invites us to live in the vastness of God and let him live and work through every moment of our lives. It is calling you!

God is calling you. You are being invited to join the party and become one with your heavenly father.

This whisper asks you to come and become who you were created to be. This whisper says come and take that step of courage and let love conquer your heart.